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Anti-thesis is a philosophical forum, a place where a few people meet once a month to discuss thought-provoking ideas.


Members consider a variety of topics, articles, or themes of interest, chosen in advance, in almost any area of philosophy, including analytic or continental.

For more information, contact the addresses below:

URL for March 2023:

Niels Bohr on Subjectivevs. Objective Reality and the Uses of Religion in aSecular World




Organization News

March 2023:
Bohr on Objectivity and Religion

February 2023:
Locke on Ideas and Substance

January 2023:
Zeno's Paradoxes

December 2022
Issues of Time

November 2022:
The Unonscious Mind

October 2022:
Quantum Causality

September 2022:


August 2022:
Authenticity or Not

July 2022:
Law and Economics

Jun 2022:


May 2022:
Metaphysical Explanation

April 2022:
Philosophy of History



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