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Anti-thesis is a philosophical forum, a place where a few people meet once a month to discuss thought-provoking ideas.


Members consider a variety of topics, articles, or themes of interest, chosen in advance, in almost any area of philosophy, including analytic or continental.

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Philosophy Now Debate:

What is the Nature of Reality?Ph


Organization News

December 2021:
Debate: the Nature of Reality

November 2021:
R. M. Hare

October 2021:
Jerry Fodor

September 2021:

Ontology with Atomism

August 2021:

Identity of Indiscernibles  (Greek-connected)

July 2021:
Modal Realism: Do Possible Worlds Exist Concretely?

June 2021:
Waiting for Godot

May 2021: 
Strawson on Hume on Causation (Zoom)

Apr 2021:

Solipsism (Zoom)

Mar 2021:
Backwards Causation (Zoom)

Feb 2021:
Putnam on Cats and Time Travel (Zoom)

Jan 2021:
Two Studies in Consciousness (Zoom)