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Anti-thesis is a philosophical forum, a place where a few people meet once a month to discuss thought-provoking ideas.


Members consider a variety of topics, articles, or themes of interest, chosen in advance, in almost any area of philosophy, including analytic or continental.

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URL for May, 2020:
Laws of Nature

Organization News

May 2020
Laws of Nature

Apr 2020

March 2020
The Differences Between Science and Philosophy

Feb 2020
Infinitism in Epistemology

Jan 2020


Dec 2019

Schopenhauer the Optimist

Nov 2019

Einstein's Philosophy of Science

Oct 2019

Grice & Strawson - In Defense of a Dogma

Sep 2019

Cioran - A Short History of Decay II

Aug, 2019

Reasons for actions - Sandis

Jul, 2019
Strawson on Reality

Jun, 2019

Cioran - A Short History of Decay I

May, 2019

Fodor's Language of Thought


Apr, 2019

Galen Strawson Against Narrativity





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