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Anti-thesis is a philosophical forum, a place where a few people meet once a month to discuss thought-provoking ideas.


Members consider a variety of topics, articles, or themes of interest, chosen in advance, in almost any area of philosophy, including analytic or continental.

For more information, contact the addresses below:

URLs for April 2024:

Daniel Dennett on Deepities:

Dennett discusses Deepities and Theology

Dennett Defines "Deepity" with Love

Some Examples of Deepities:

John Corvino, Better Argument, on Deepities:


Organization News

May 2024

Dennett on Deepities

Apr 2024:

Wolfram and Computing Nature

Mar 2024:
The Meaning of Life - Early Modern

Feb 2024:
Michael Smith: the Moral Problem

Jan 2024:

Dec 2023:
Belief Without Evidence

Nov 2023:

Paradox of Analysis

Oct 2023:

Williamson on Two Epistemic Rationality Concepts

Sept 2023:
Kant on Time

Aug 2023:
Themes in Locke Revisited

Jul 2023:
Herding Cats and Free Will Inflation - Daniel Dennett

June 2023:

Argument and Argumentation

May 2023:
Category Mistakes

April 2023:
Eliminative Materialism




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