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Who We Are

The Origins of Anti-thesis

Past history: Anti-thesis began in Paris in the 1960's
when a small group of students from different 
backgrounds and nationalities, who frequented the
cheapest coffeehouses, started meeting on a regular
basis, to engage in all kinds of philosophical

In later years, some of these individuals continued
pursuing their interest and passion for philosophy, by
organizing "philosophy salons" in different cities of
Europe and the United States.
In the Washington area, the Anti-thesis philosophy 
forum has been active since 1994, with meetings
continuing to this day.


And What We Did

Jul:  Western Theories of Justice:

May:  Daniel Dennett's "Deepities"
     Deepities and Theology
     John Corvino, Better Argument, on Deepities:

Apr:   Wolfram and the Computing Nature, by Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic
Mar:  The Meaning of Life in Early Continental and Analytic Philosophy
Feb:  The Moral Problem, by Michael Smith

Jan:  Bio-Semantics, among Teleological Theories of Mental Content

Dec:  Believing Without Evidence is Always Morally Wrong

Nov: The Paradox of Analysis:
Oct: Timothy Williamson on Two Forms of Epistemic Rationality
Sep: Kant on Time -
Aug: Locke on Innate Knowledge and Substance - Redux
Jul: Herding Cats and Free Will Inflation - Daniel C. Dennett (2020 APA Romanell Lecture)
Jun: Argument and Argumentation:
May: Category Mistakes:
Apr: Eliminative Materialism:
Mar: Niels Bohr on Subjective vs. Objective Reality and the Uses of Religion
in a Secular World
Feb: Locke Denies Innate Knowledge
- and Analyzes Substance
Jan: Zeno's Paradoxes
     Stanford Encyclopedia:

Dec: "Calling Time", by Anthony Proctor, in Philosophy Now, issue 152
Nov: The Unconscious Mind:
Oct: Quantum Causality
Sep: Analysis in Philosophy:
Aug: To Be or Not To Be Authentic: In Defence of Authenticity as an Ethical Ideal, by Katharina Bauer
Jul:  Economic Analysis of Law

Carruthers: There is No Such Thing as Conscious Thought

Smith: The Puzzle of the Unconscious

May: Metaphysical Explanation:
Apr: Philosophy of History: 
Mar: Pierre Hadot:
Feb: Hume and virtue ethics:

David Hume's Virtue Ethics

Two Views on Hume's Virtues

Jan: "On Being an Octopus", by Peter Godfrey-Smith, Boston Review, June 3, 2013

Dec:  What is the Nature of Reality?

Nov:  R(ichard) M(ervyn) Hare:
Oct:  Jerry Fodor:
Sep:  Ontology

"Out of Nowhere", in Aeon magazine,

"Ontology - Metaphysics" in the Encyclopedia Britannica:

Aug: The Identity of Indiscernibles



Superhero Identity:

Jul:  Modal Realism: David Lewis's Argument That Possible Worlds Concretely Exist 



Jun:  Waiting for Godot, by Samuel Beckett
May:  Marion Talbot on Strawson on Hume on causality:
"Hume & the Necessary Connection Analysis of Causation"
Apr:  "Solipsism", in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy,
Mar: "Backwards Causation",

Feb: "It Ain't Necessarily So," by Hilary Putnam in Mathematics, Matter, and Method: Philosophical Papers Volume 1, Second Edition (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, Great Britain: 1979)
Jan:  Two Studies in Consciousness

"How the Light Gets Out", by Michael Graziano

"Is Consciousness a Battle Between Your Beliefs and Perceptions?", by Hakwan Lau


Dec:  R. G. Collingwood on The Study of History:
Nov: The Medieval Problem of Universals:
Oct:  Hannah Arendt's Theory of Judgment:
Sep: Personal Autonomy -
Aug: Existentialist Aesthetics -

Jul:  Soren Kierkegaard -
Rhetoric and Aesthetics
Jun: The Philosophy of Logic
"The Philosophy of Logic", by Penelope Maddy, in The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic, December 2012
May: Laws of Nature
Apr: -Cancelled-
Mar: The Differences Between Science and Philosophy

"On Science And Philosophy", by Massimo Pigliucci
"Philosophy, Science, and Everything In Between", by Massimo Pigliucci
Feb: Infinitism in Epistemology -

Jan: Identity -

Dec: "Schopenhauer the Optimist", by Duncan Richter
Nov: Einstein's Philosophy of Science

Oct:  Peter S. Strawson and Paul Grice, "In Defense of a Dogma", in P. F. Strawson, Philosophical Writings (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011). 
Sep: A Short History of Decay, by E. M. Cioran, Chapters 5 and 6 
Aug: "Are Reasons Like Shampoo?" by Constantine Sandis
Things That Trouble Me: Death Freedom, The Self, Etc., by Galen Strawson, Chapter 6, “The Silliest Claim”, and Chapter 7, “Real Naturalism”
Jun: A Short History of Decay, by E. M. Cioran, Chapters 2 and 3

May: The Language of Thought Hypothesis

Apr:  Things That Trouble Me: Death Freedom, The Self, Etc., by Galen Strawson,

Chapter 2, “A Fallacy of Our Age”, and Chapter 8, “The Unstoried Life”

Mar: "Ethics vs. Morals", by Anja Steinbauer, Philosophy Now

Feb: Kant's Transcendental Arguments

Jan: Susan Wolf - Meaning in Life and Why It Matters 

Dec: History of Objections to the Idea of Objectivity 
Nov: Process Philosophy 
Oct: Pritchard: Does Moral Philosophy Rest on a Mistake? 
Sep: Paul Ricoeur 
Aug: The Limits of Law 
July: "Moral Saints", by Susan Wolf 
June: Maurice Merlau-Ponty 
May: Hylomorphism 
Apr: Practical Reason 
Mar: Michael Oakeshott on Rationalism in Politics 
Feb: John Dewey's Moral Philosophy 
Jan: Introduction to -Skeptical Essays-, by Benson Mates 


Dec: Pragmatism 
Nov: Otto Neurath and Logical Empiricism 
Oct: (Il)Logical Connectives including:
          Prior: The Runabout Inference Ticket 
          Belnap: Tonk, Plonk, and Plink 
Sep: What is Metaphysics? 
What is Metaphysics Anyway? 
What is Metaphysics All About? 
Aug: "The Problem of Social Cost", by Ronald Coase 
Jun: Counterfactual Theories of Causation 
May: Derek Parfit: On What Matters, Volumes 1 and 2 
Apr: Epistemic and Instrumental Rationality
-- Yudkowsky and Less Wrong: What do we mean by Rationality?
-- Oxford Handbook of Rationality - Introduction 
Mar: Respect 
Feb: Russell's A Free Man's Worship 
Jan: The Aesthetics of Classical Music 


Dec: "The Goal of Transcendental Arguments", by Barry Stroud 
Nov: Supererogation 
Oct: Ernst Cassirer
Sep: Law and Language
Jul: Peter Unger: A Defense of Skepticism 
Jun: Representationalism - Kant, Davidson, Rorty 
May: Existential Risk and Artificial Intelligence
Cambridge, Cabs, and Copenhagen: My Route to Existential Risk - Huw Price 
Apr: Virtue Epistemology 
Mar: Thompson Clarke: The Legacy of Skepticism 
Feb: Michael Slote: The Theory of Important Criteria 
Jan: Sisyphus Revisited


Dec:  Consequentialism
Nov:  Max Black on Humbug
Oct:  Richard Double on Free Will
Sep:  Feyerabend's Anarchistic Theory of Knowledge
Aug:  Operationalism
Jul:   Isaiah Berlin: Empirical Propositions and Hypothetical Statements
June:   Transcendental Arguments

May:   Schopenhauer on the Futility of Existence
Apr:  Nelson Goodman's Irrealism
Mar:  Bernard Williams's ''The Makropoulos Case'' And Immortality
Feb:  Wittgenstein's Private Language Argument
Jan:  Authenticity

Dec: Bertrand Russell on Idleness and Vagueness
Nov: Ludwig Feuerbach

Oct: Toward A Theory of Slack
Sep: Charles G. Finney's Theology of Atonement
Aug: Two essays on the symbolic representation of time
by Edmund Leach
Jul:  Frederick Turners's Sketch of Time

Jun:  Embodied Cognition
May: Internalist and Externalist Justification
Apr: Leibniz's Influence on Kant
Mar: Leibniz and Neuroscience
Feb: Newcomb's Paradox
Jan: "5,000 B.C.", by Raymond Smullyan

Dec: Piaget and Skinner
Nov: The Analytic/Synthetic Distinction
Oct: Carneades's Distinction Between Assent and Approval
Sep: Meta-Philosophy
Aug: Gooding: Semantics - Understanding Assertions
Jul:  Art and Classical American Philosophy
Jun:  Ordinary Objects
May: M. H. Walsh on Historical Causation
Apr:  What Could Teleological Causation Be?
Mar: Kant and Hume on Morality
Feb: Philosophy of Leibniz

Jan: Philosophy of History

Dec: Nagel on Death
Nov: Peirce's Semiotics
Oct: Essential & Accidental Properties
Sep: MacTaggart Revisited
Aug: Thomas Nagel, The Last Word
Jul: MacTaggart on the Unreality of Time
Jun: Why Do Humans Reason? Mercier and Sperber
May: Quine On What There Is 
Apr: Reality: A Very Short Introduction, by Westerhoff
Mar: Thomas Nagel's The Last Word
Feb: Doubt
Jan: The Rebel, by Albert Camus

Dec: "San Manuel Bueno, Martyr", by Miguel Unamuno
Nov: Walzer's Spheres of Justice, Chapter One
Oct: Chance and Randomness
Sep: Efficient Causality
Aug: The Sceptic Way of Life (in R. J. Hankinson, 
The Sceptics)
Jul:  Deflationary Theories of Truth
Jun: Cosmopolitanism
May: Rigid Designators Revisited 
Apr: Peter Suber - Is Philosophy Dead?
Mar: William Clifford - The Ethics of Belief
Feb: Leo Strauss - A critique of Political Science
Jan: The Nature of Assertions

Dec: Searle on What Constitutes a Self
Nov: Bernard Williams: 9 Theses Against Ethics
Oct: Dedekind's Cut and the Concept of Number
Sep: Time Travel: A- and B- Time
Aug: What is Semantics?
Jul: Deleuze's Discussion of Hume
Jun: Can Ends be Rational?
May: Just and Unjust Wars
Apr: Kant's Theory of Evil
Mar: The Paradox of Fire and the Self
Feb: Libertarianism
Jan: The Pre-Socratics on the Cosmos
David Graham's Explaining the Cosmos, the Ionian Program

Dec: Forgiveness
Nov: Aquinas on Greed
Oct: Bare Particulars - Theodore Sider
Sep: The Meaning of Life - Jeffery Gordon
Aug: The Possibility of Altruism - Thomas Nagel
Jul: The Myth of Passage - Donald Cary Williams
May: Heidegger: A Very Short Introduction
Apr & Jun: Dewey's Aesthetics
Mar: Spinoza's Treatise on the Emendation of the Understanding
Jan & Feb: Ernest Gellner vs. Ordinary Language Philosophy

Dec: Living Right and Living Well
Nov: Regret II
Sep & Oct: DesCartes's The Meditations 
Aug: On Regret
Jun & July: Wittgenstein's Aesthetics
May: Popper's Demarcation Problem
Apr: Thagard on The Development of Knowledge
Mar: Gerald Holton on Modern Science and the Intellectual Tradition
Feb: Thagard's Theory of Scientific Explanation
Jan: The Nicomachean Ethics

Dec: Pessimism as Philosophy
Nov: Deconstruction Revisited
Oct: Definitions of Deconstruction
Sep: Hume's Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion
Aug: Intuitionistic Logic
Jul: Varieties of Anti-Realism
Jun: The Best Counter-Intuitive Philosophical Arguements
May: Peirce and Skepticism: The Fixation of Belief
Apr: Heraclitus
Mar: The Scope of Negation
Feb: Self-Deception
Jan: Counterfactuals per Nelson Goodman

Dec: Aspects of Causality
Nov: Awareness II - And Free For All
Oct: Hempel's Raven Paradox
Sep: Awareness, Sentience
Aug: Consistent Theology (Philosophy of Religion)
Jul: Making a Judgement vs. Having an Opinion
Jun: Godel's Theorem and Gregory Chaitin
May: Universals and Nominalism
Apr: The Problem of Universals
Mar: The Biological Basis of Consciousness
Feb: Paradoxes
Jan: Kripke's Rigid Designators

Realism and Anti-Realism: Alston
Selfhood: Paul Ricoeur
Subjective vs. Objective: Thomas Nagel
Evolutionary Epistemology
Bronner on The Sorites Paradox
Albert Camus's The Myth of Sisyphus

Gooding: Theories of Truth
Aesthetics: Santayana, Croce, and Wittgenstein
Following a Rule: Wittgenstein and Kripke
The Copernican Revolution
Realism and Anti-Realism: Hilary Putnam, John Searle

Critchley's A Very Short Introduction to Continental Philosophy
The Principle of Insufficient Reason: Liebniz and Others
Freedom of the Will
Thomas: The List of Unanswerables

Ethics -- Utilitarian and Other
Bernard Williams's Ethics and the Limits of Philosophy
Robert Nozick's Philosophical Explanations
Thomas Nagel's The View From Nowhere
Craig's A Very Short Introduction to Philosophy

Free Will / Freedom
Kolakowski's Metaphysical Horror
The Golden Rule

Authenticity: Charles Taylor
Aristotle: Jonathan Lear
Alistair MacIntyre's After Virtue

Ethics, Duty, Kant
Carneades's Distinction Between Assent and Approval
Hume on Causality

Definitions: Truth, Reason, Certainty
Is It Good To Make Others Do Something Good?

Friedrich Nietzsche's Human, All Too Human
Walter Kauffman's Critique of Religion and Philosophy and Without Guilt or Justice
Samuel Beckett's Endgame
Albert Camus's The Fall
Thelma Lavine's From Socrates To Sartre

On Referring: Norman Malcolm
Bertrand Russell's Philosophy (1927)

Forms of sensible intuition: Immanuel Kant
Consciousness: Daniel Dennett
Damasio's DesCartes's Error

Existentialism: Necessity, Anachronisms, and Worldwide Impact
a. Sartre
b. Camus
c. Gide

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